August 18, 1925

Jax Beach, Fla
Tuesday Night.

My Dear Sweetheart,

It is “a great and glorious feelin'” to get three letters in one day, and all from the dearest little girl in the world. Just for luck I inquired at the Gen Delivery in Jax and they handed me a letter from you, one from Wash, and one from a customer down the state. I was surprised to get mail up there, and the peculiar thing, they were addressed Jax Beach. This place went by the name of Pablo for years and only during the past few months have they called it Jax Beach. The postal people don’t seem to get it straight. I left forwarding cards for Dr. White and I so we will get our mail here, if it should happen to go up there.

August 18, 1925

August 18, 1925

Tonight two letters came here from you, posted on the 14th & 15th. Today is the 19th. Gee, but they were good ones. All three were just as sweet as they could be and I’d like to hug you real hard for them. The Jax one posted the 12th, contained a mighty fine set of Kodak pictures. Even the borders indicated that they were of Queens, Kings, or Jokers. They go to show that I was correct in my belief, when I said that you would look good regardless of how you dressed. Claudelle makes a mighty good “George” too, and if I did not know that it was Claudelle I would be a bit jealous. She is getting prettier all the time. By the way, did “George” roll his hose? I’ll be that George didn’t love Martha one bit more than I love Ina. Further, I’ll bet that Martha didn’t love George any more than Ina loves me. I said this for you, for I do know that you love me, Dear. The photos are just as sweet as they can be and I’ve looked at them a number of times already.

You were quite right in suggesting that Dr. White did not admit that he was right in going in the surf at noon. He has begun to talk of going to Texas and I presume that he will go by the end of the month. I can’t say that I’ll be awfully sorry, though it will be a bit lonesome. However, I can anticipate when you are going to be with me, for that is as bright a hope as one could have. Dear, I certainly do love you.

Please don’t expect anything other than friendship between Mrs. Gallagher and I, for there has never been anything between us. I was afraid that you might think that, and that is one reason why I have not seen her but the one time since I returned. She knows that I love you and rather expected that I would bring you with me when I came over this summer. You don’t have to think of anyone coming between us, Dear. I don’t have anything to do with the girls at all, and one would expect that I am a woman hater. You are the only one and goodness only knows how much I want you.

I note with interest what you said about the new contest for an auto. I am glad that you don’t have it to think about just now, and I am mighty proud of your success in the last one. It is an expression of a lot of friendship and admiration, and its value can never be expressed in terms of money.

With a real sweet goodnight, and with all my love, Dear, I am,

Yours forever,

P.S. I took the liberty of sending you an umbrella today. I am not so sure that you will like the color, but I was told that it would go with any color.