August 15, 1925

Saturday Night Aug 15th

My Dear Sweetheart,

I have just received your letter of Monday night, and it is a mighty good one, Dear. The prints finally came and I am sending them along. No doubt you will recognize our house as they are not very different from the ones previously sent to you. The lawn is a little better in these. The little boy is the only child of the lady living there and he seems to be a pretty good kid. The dog belongs to the family. The name of the folks, if I remember it correctly is Goodman. The other photo is of the cottage here. We are using the front porch for a Lab, but also have a garage in the rear. It is very comfortable and 2 blocks from the surf. For our purpose there is nothing better down here, and the lady keeps it quite neat and orderly. I asked her when she was going to West Palm Beach where her husband is working and at the present time she is not sure. It looks as though I may have the whole thing to myself if I use it much longer. In about two weeks more, there will not be so much of a crowd down here. However, it is delightful here and one can go in the surf any day in the year. During the winter they sometimes have a frost here, but it warms up quickly. For work, I would rather be in Florida during the winter than in either Dallas or Wash DC, and Dear I may suggest that we spend the first few months of our honeymoon down here at Jax Beach. It would be very quiet here and perhaps it would be too quiet for you, but it is only 17 miles to Jax and we could make the drive any evening or take the train. As a place for excitement the beach would not amount to anything, but as a good place for me to work and as a delightful place to spend a honeymoon I don’t believe it could be beaten. It looks as though this may be the last season on creeping eruption and it would seem to be a good idea to work it up as much as possible. Too, I would not want to start the other work in the state until some money has been made available for it. It could not be available before July 1st of next year. I have not taken up the matter of my spending the winter down here, but after I have been down the state I’ll write Mr. Bishopp about it. I’ll always let you know of developments, for Dear, you mean worlds to me.

August 15, 1925

August 15, 1925

It was mighty nice of you to tell me of your friend Womack. I’ll have to admit that he has mighty good taste in proposing to you. I do not wonder why you have had so many, for there is no one like you, Dear. Claudelle will probably have to turn down a few of them too, before she chooses one. Mother and Daddy Lewis certainly reared some mighty fine daughters, and they have made me mighty happy in giving consent to our marriage.

Sweetheart, I certainly wish I could spend an evening on your porch with you now. You don’t know how I miss you. I love you with every tender affection Dear, and if a man ever wanted a girl an awful lot, I certainly want you.

We are going to be mighty happy.