August 2, 1925 (Walter)

Jacksonville Beach, Fla.,
Sunday Aug. 2, 1925

My Dear Sweetheart,

It seems like a long time since I have written to you, Dear, for it was impossible to write last night or the night before. Friday PM we came to the beach and spent all the afternoon in locating a place. We, finally, decided on one and late last night we arrived here with a pretty good truck load of stuff. It wouldn’t seem possible that two men would accumulate so much to be moved. It was so late when we arrived and we were so tired that we did not do anything but eat, unpack what we needed and then went to bed. I didn’t hear anything until 8 this morning. We have been getting up early but I didn’t wake up this morning.

August 21, 1925 (Walter)

August 21, 1925 (Walter)

We have a cottage with a long screened in front porch and two bed rooms adjoining. The lady lives in the rear and will do the housekeeping. Will use her garage for the experimental animals and our cultures, and lab. work. We can do very nicely on the screened porch. The arrangement is good, and even better than I had thought it possible to obtain. She is a lady about 40 or more (with bobbed hair which looks like a mop) but she is a good housekeeper and everything is just as neat as can be. I could go away for a few days and feel that everything was safe, and this is worth a lot. Her name is MacDonald, and the cottage has a name plate Mac’s Place over the door. The neighbor says that Mr. McDonald is working at Miami. They live in the cottage the year round but rent it during the beach season. She works at a cafeteria on the board walk and the only time we see her is when we go down there for meals. She is pleasant and we are very comfortable here. We have running water, bath plumbing, water shower after we come from the surf, electric lights, and a mighty good breeze (not too strong) day and night.

We have been rushed so much that Dr. White did not have time to purchase a bathing suit at Jax, and we haven’t been in the surf yet. We will probably go in this evening.

As usual I wonder how this place would strike you. I can’t help but believe that you would like it if you were here, but I hope we will have our own home and not camp to the extent that I am camping now. I believe that we would enjoy coming to the beach for a couple of weeks at a time, after we have our own home, unless we are living close by. The lot at Fulford is near enough to drive down in five minutes.

There is no news of interest. I haven’t been able to get the manuscript away from Dr. White yet. He still nurses it and looks for something to change. It should have been mailed yesterday, but he had some reason for holding it over. It is true that it reads OK and everything has been checked and re-checked, but I did this on the original. I hope that we will work up the next one separately as it is most aggravating. Guess he is naturally that way and maybe it is well that he does not have a wife. I would feel sorry for her.

I love you, Sweetheart, with all my heart, and you can bet that I am true to you. Will be mighty happy when I can have you with me.

Always your,

Jacksonville Beach, Fla,
General Delivery.