July 18, 1925 (Ina)

Saturday Evening
July 18, 1925.

My dearest Walter:

Just a few words this evening to let you know I am thinking of you and still love you even thought I haven’t had a letter in two days. I know you are just as busy as you can be and don’t have nearly as much time as I do to write. This letter is certainly not intended as a scolding. I am looking forward to tomorrow when I believe I will get a letter.

Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Lots of love,

Sunday Evening
July 19, 1925.

Dearest Walter:

Your Wednesday night letter came this morning on my way to Sunday School. You see, I can’t enjoy anything very much until I first make a trip to the post office. I enjoyed the letter very much because it seemed like a long time since I had received one, but really it had been only two days. Please don’t take my letter of yesterday as a complaint. I know that you are busy and I don’t blame you when you don’t write. It really wasn’t a long time at all. It just seemed that way.

July 18, 1925 (Ina)

July 18, 1925 (Ina)

Now – about the pictures! It was mighty nice of you to have them developed and send me the prints, but – did you happen to keep a print of them? If you did, will you do me a favor? Just as quickly as you can, please, please take your knife and cut me out of the two pictures. They are perfectly awful of me. I am sure I have never had any made that looked any worse. If you will do that I will love you forever and will make some better pictures soon and send them to you. Your half of the pictures is so much better looking than mine. You don’t know how lonesome you look in the prints that I have since I have cut myself out.

I suppose Mrs. H. and E. feel sure that you are a very hard hearted creature. They don’t know you like I do if they think so. I am sorry it came about so as to make it necessary for you to do as you did, but it seemed to be the only thing to do, didn’t it? They seemed to disregard your feelings so much that you had to disregard theirs in self defense. I appreciated the way you did even if they didn’t. I hope you will never regret it.

I must hurry and go to League.