March 15, 1942

Sunday PM.

My dear Ina & Boys,

The income tax blank was made out this PM & I’ll file it tomorrow. I am drawing a check in the amount of $192.51 and I am sending a check for $65.58 to the Panama City bank for deposit. This figures a balance of about $55 to cover any checks that you may have given after I left Panama City. Also the Chamberlain check should come on the 15th and I would suggest that you cash it. If you should find that something unexpected took up the available cash please telephone me at the office here number 3106 and I’ll telegraph or send you more.

March 15, 1942

March 15, 1942

We are late in getting the bids to Wash. & we hope to have one from the Van Horn Co. of Panama City. It would be convenient if they could get the low bid. Will try to come Friday night or Saturday if possible. In a pinch we could get Mr. Weir to come in our car with you, but it puts too much responsibility on you to get the household things loaded & care for 3 boys. I think I’ll come in a car (pick up truck) so that Mr. Weir can return to Orlando in it with a lab desk, washing machine, & any cages or wire fence we may want from Panama City.

I had dinner with the Bushlands today.

Will be glad when the whole family can get moved here & all of the work is started here. Travis will be here next Friday. Glass, Smith & Schecter are here now.

With love


We received the bid from Van Horn and it is the same amount as the other low bid from Jacksonville. We are recommending Van Horn and I am sure that they will get it, but we have to have approval from Washington. The bids are going to Wash. by air mail tonight.

My salary check came too, so I’ll deposit two salary checks here tomorrow.