July 15, 1939 (Ina)

Saturday Night
July 15, 1939.

Dearest Sweetheart:

We were glad to have your letter today.

It greatly pleases us to know that most of the baiting season is over. We hope you will have more time to relax now. Walks home from the office should be refreshing. I don’t like the idea of your going home to an empty apartment – or had you noticed?

July 15, 1939 (Ina)

July 15, 1939 (Ina)

Lewis Dunbar wrote you a letter, but I can’t find it now. He cried when he found that you hadn’t written him a separate letter. If you could write a separate note to each of the boys in your next letter they would be pleased. They are having a good time and are behaving beautifully.

Please give our love to Polly. I’m anxious to talk with her. I’m glad you are having dinner together Sunday.

The floods came. We always bring one you know. Uvalde had 3 inches of rain, and the much heavier rains in the canyons brought the rivers down to within a few feet of the bridges. The ranchmen are delighted but they think there should have been several inches more.

Sunday A.M.

Paul & Bob caught lots of fish last night. The children and I are going to help them eat them at Thelma’s today. Our boys have gone to Sunday school with Ina Marie this A.M. Thelma & Reitha will be by soon to take me to church.

We think about you often, and want to see you.

Lots of love,