May 19, 1938

Thursday A.M.
May 19, 1938.

Dear Sweetheart:

It probably will surprise you to hear that the time for us to move is drawing near. Had you thought about it? We had planned on going soon after June 1. However, Claudelle telephoned from Little Rock Monday night to say that she had sprained her knee and would prefer waiting until May 27 to come to visit us. Previously she had planned to come tomorrow night. She will have 10 days leave. She ‘phoned to know if we would still be here. If it is just the same with you, and I know you will be glad for us to wait, we would like to remain in Texas until about June 5 or 6.

May 19, 1938

May 19, 1938

Mr. Leary of the San Antonio Storage Co. telephoned Monday to know if we had done anything about shipping our furniture. I think Mr. Townsend told him before he left that we would be moving. Walter White’s school closes May 27 and I have my history exam. Monday afternoon, May 30. I thought we would have a little visit at Uvalde with Claudelle some time after that. If you will notify me when you ask the storage companies to bid on the furniture I’ll be here to receive them. I realize that everything about your work is urgent but I would appreciate it if you would let me know if you still plan for us to move to Minneapolis. You never mention it. Claudelle did not ask if we could wait a few days on her account. It was my idea and I felt pretty sure you hadn’t planned for us to move that soon anyhow.

Lewis Dunbar was very much pleased with the sticker for his car.

Lots of love and best wishes from the 3 of us.


P.S. Is Mr. Strong’s doctorate honorary?