January 12, 1918

Mineola N.Y.
Saturday Jan. 12, 1918

Dear Mother and Papa,

I am enclosing two Liberty Bond receipts which I neglected to enclose in my last letter. I have also paid five dollars when I subscribed for the bonds, which leaves a remainder of $75 to be paid. The interest makes it $76.

January 12, 1918

January 12, 1918

I would advise that you send the first check to Sanger Bros., Dallas, Texas, for $55.85 on about Feb. 1. About March 1 send one to the City National Bank, Dallas, Texas for $76. On about April 1 I would like to have you send Mr. W. E. Kennedy, 4309 Elm St., Dallas, Texas a check for $53 (Fifty-three dollars). He has just wired me the money and I am giving him my note due about April 1. He is a good Masonic brother of mine and this loan is returning a favor (I have loaned him money and he has paid it). He did not delay in the least when I wired him for the amount. I knew that he would send it. I am writing him and will tell him that you will mail a check for me about April 1.

All of our baggage is on the boat and we expected to leave before now, but have not. I understand that we go soon. I am going to cable you when I get across just to let you know that I landed safely. I want you to write sister as soon as you get the cablegram and let her know. Will wire to Hamburg.

There will be $75 dollars deposited at the City National Bank, Dallas, Texas at the 1st of each month and you should sign your checks Mrs. T. W. Dove.

With love, and kindest regards to all, I am,
Always your,

Write me once each week and address me

Lieut. W. E. Dove
121 Aero Squadron
New York, NY

A.E.F. means American Expeditionary Forces.