September 21, 1924

Sunday P.M.

My Dear Ina,

It is a lovely afternoon and I was just wondering where you were and what you were doing. Wanted you to know that I am wishing for you and thinking of you, so found myself writing it. I’d be mighty happy if I could be with you now.

September 21, 1924

September 21, 1924

Had one letter from Mr. Bish since he returned to Dallas but he did not mention Uvalde in it. I presume he avoids writing about anything except my work here, for fear there will be a tendency to distract my mind from this project.

It rains a little every day now and we should have some new creeping eruption cases to show up pretty soon. Most of them try everything suggested by the neighbors and druggists and when the skin is irritated and infected they come for medical attention. We have an excellent treatment during the early stages but when they neglect themselves for a few weeks, it is very hard to effect a cure. The average person tries iodine and then a wash of bichloride of mercury. The combination forms mercuric iodide which is very irritating. Either would give some relief, but this combination only adds to their agony.

The photos are wonderful, Dear, and I have them on the dresser in my room. They are so natural that I turn them so that they don’t face me when I am dressing. Seems pretty modest for a man, doesn’t it? Everybody thinks you are beautiful and I consider myself mighty fortunate to have such a wonderful little lady friend.

It was sweet of you, Dear, to say what you did about money and I appreciate it more than I can tell you. You deserve such a good man that I wonder if I could be kind enough and as thoughtful as I should be. If I knew that you loved me I’d be mighty happy and heaven only knows what I would do for you. But I want you to be sure, for I love you too much to cause you to regret anything. I hope you will never have an occasion to regret your decision, regardless of what it might be.

Monday PM

Did not finish this yesterday as I saw the two little kids where I am rooming and I played with them until it was their bed time. The little girl is 7 and the boy 9 and both of them are real good. Have been taking the boy with me sometimes, as he likes the rabbits and guinea pigs. His school started today and I don’t imagine he will go with me quite as much now.

Dr. K.S. went fishing Sat. PM and returned this morning about 2 o’clock. Am invited to dinner this evening to sample the fish. First time I have been invited since the wife returned, though I met her when I went fishing with him. She seems mighty nice but I guess she controls him pretty well, and it is probably a good thing that she does. She is very good looking and so is the little girl (11 yrs old). She (the daughter) is so young that you won’t mind if I do say she is good looking. Hair and eyes just like yours.

Expected to have lots of new cases today. Had one old one which reported for the first time today, and we froze it with CO2 snow. Makes an awful sore but it was too near the jugular vein to cut any sections. Hope to have a letter from you soon as it seems an awful long time since I heard from you. It really hasn’t been so long, but I want to hear often.

Lots of love,