May 6-7, 1932

Walter is traveling to New Orleans again.

Friday 4:15 PM.

This is Marianna [Florida]. We came here a few min. ago. Spent last night at Burbridge in Jax. We are feeling just fine and we may go to Mobile tonight. It would be about 10 o’clock by the time we reached there.

The trip is going OK. No car trouble & very little traffic.

Will write next from N.O.


May 6-7, 1932

May 6-7, 1932

Saturday 9:30 AM

We finished breakfast at Morrisons a few min. ago and Mr. Hall is now addressing hte package of drawings to FCB. We got here about 12 last night & he worked the drawings until about 3 this AM. We feel fine and should get to NO before dark. We stopped at the Camp on the Bay.