June 8, 1926

The Lab. Tues 5:45 PM.

My Dear Little Girl,

Have been printing photos all the afternoon. When I came upstairs a few minutes ago your letter was on my desk. Mr. Seaton probably brought it up. It is a real sweet one. All of yours are, and I enjoyed every second of it. Nothing would please me more than to be in Uvalde now, and your descriptions etc of Mother Lewis’s dinners make me hungry too.

June 8, 1926

June 8, 1926

Mrs. Laake is feeling pretty good today. Her illness was not serious. No one is alarmed. She was very pleasant last evening and visited with us until quite late (10 o’clock). She certainly thinks a lot of you. Mrs. Geary expressed the same sentiment. Mrs. Laake told me how lucky I was to get such a dear little wife, just as if I did not know it. Ernest & Dr. Roarke are going out for golf tomorrow morning. Meet at 6:30 AM. I rather like the game but that is too early. Mrs. Laake intends to learn after Ernest has gotten on to it pretty good. She wants to reduce and thinks it might help her. All of the Lab bunch eat lunch at the barbecue stand on Carroll and Columbia. The sandwiches are good but not as good as the ones we had on our picnics.

It was mighty sweet of Thelma to write a note in your letter. You can just bet that I’ll be down there as soon as I can arrange it. It seems ages since I saw you. Dr. Roark and I are together quite a bit.

Sweetheart, “there ain’t no tellin'” how much I do love you.

With all my love and also to the folks, I am,

Always your,