November 29, 1925

Sunday PM.

My Dear Sweetheart,

Yours of Wed. night came today. It was a real good one too. I note with interest that Mother had written to you. I have just received a letter of hers which went to Dallas. She neglected to put Beach in the address and of course Box 61 Jacksonville was wrong. I am writing her today.

November 29, 1925

November 29, 1925

I am not surprised at Mrs. Parman’s brother’s success with real estate down here. Most everyone can tell of similar experiences. Some have lost money too, but one never hears of them. Well selected property, especially water-front or in good developments increase rapidly. Some Jew developments in swamps and where there is no reason for a town can’t possibly be of any value. One should see what he buys down here and then if he uses common sense, it will turn out OK. Fulford has not increased as rapidly as lots of the other developments, but it is building a beautiful city and we are going to come out OK on our lot down there.

I am not going wild over real estate, for with my limited means and desire to play a safe game, there is no reason to be over enthusiastic. The biggest money is made when the chances are greater, but I am a poor fellow in gambling. Many buy options and devote much time to them. I was a little high on the acreage and have not sold as yet. Have pulled in my horns a little. Will go out with a prospect tomorrow PM.

I love you Dear and I will be a happy human when the time comes.

Always your

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