October 26, 1925

Monday Nite.
Oct. 26, 1925.

My dearest Sweetheart:

I wonder if you have noticed how perfectly beautiful the moonlight is tonight! If you haven’t, you should go right now and take a look. The swing looks a little too cold to be inviting, even in the moonlight, but we have a big fine fire in the fireplace that would be ideal to sit before to enjoy a long confidential chat this evening. My, how I wish you were here, Sweetheart! But I know that it will not be so very very long before we can enjoy all our evenings together and then we will be so happy.

October 26, 1925

October 26, 1925

I didn’t get a letter today, but I feel sure one will come tomorrow.

This afternoon I became so drowsy from being around the fire almost all day, so I took a two mile hike all alone. I wish you had been here to go with me. It was just cool enough to be pleasant, and the fresh cold air was very invigorating. I expect to go duck hunting (now I didn’t say that aloud, because I don’t know for sure whether it is in season or not) soon with Papa. He killed some ducks down on the slough back of our house a few afternoons ago, and says there are usually a good many down there lately. I don’t know what luck I will have, but I want the experience anyhow.

Sweetheart, I love you and think of you an awful lot – ‘most all the time, in fact.

Always, your