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July 25, 1939 (Walter)

Tuesday PM.

My dear Ina,

Your two letters came yesterday one enclosing a letter from Mother Dove. Can assure you that they were most welcome.

July 25, 1939 (Walter)

July 25, 1939 (Walter)

Every evening I have taken a walk of about two miles. On Sat. PM about 3 miles & on Sunday PM about the same distance. Gradually I’ve developed a coat of tan and a reduction in the waist line. I haven’t weighed but I’ve lost some weight. Sunday I ate all three meals at home and prepared them myself so you know they were good. Have been eating breakfast at home most every morning lately.

Thurs. & Friday the Ents of the Great Plains meet at St. Paul. We have a survey meeting at the West Hotel on Friday & Sat. Gaddis and Wakeland will be here also about 12 field men. It will be a night mare & especially with Gaddis in a bad mood over anything that is not favorable to plane baiting.

You and I, Shotwell & Mrs. S. & Wakeland & Mrs. W. were invited by Dr. Ruggles to come to their home Friday evening. I explained that you were not here. He said in that case they might invite a young lady in your place.

Dr. & Mrs. Creighton of Gainesville Florida called upon me today & regret that they did not meet you. We are invited to see them at Gainesville.

Am glad you had the car worked on as it needed something. More about your suggestion that I meet you Dallas & drive to Miss. The road between Uvalde & San Antonio is under repair & not so good for the kind of driving you like to do.*

With lots of love


* I have fond childhood memories of Ina’s driving. She had excellent reflexes even into old age, which was good because she liked to cruise at about 85 mph on the highway.

Separate letter on Frisco Lines stationery:

Dear Lewis,

It is hot here too, and there are some mosquitoes but none at our house. Some mice got into your bag of popcorn and I killed both of them with a broom handle. Judy and Mary asked about you. Polly asked about you, Mother and Walter White and sends her “hello,”


February 18, 1938 (Evening)

Stationery from the West Hotel, Minneapolis, MN.

Friday night 2/18.

My dear Ina,

Mr. Andrews (the fiscal man) and I arrived about 8 PM and I found your letter waiting. Was glad to know that you got back from Uvalde OK. There is so much danger in driving the highways, I worry about your driving when the traffic is heavy. I know that Mother Lewis wants you to drive during daylight hours and will let you leave Uvalde early. I think it is a good idea to do so.

February 18, 1938 (Evening)

February 18, 1938 (Evening)

My salary check for the 16th was sent here and I’ll buy some American Express money orders with it. I did not draw 50 at Wash. as stated in my letter. I told you about the $100 at Savannah, and I gave John Hull 15.50 of it to take care of his moving expense to our house. Enclosed herewith is Mr. Chamberlain’s check for $35.00. His note says he has not had the papering done as yet. It is being endorsed for deposit.

Andrews and I are going now to see the office space used last year. Tomorrow AM we take bids also get a register from Civil Service for some stenographs. Gaddis will be here Monday. I’ll leave here Monday night for Fargo.

With love