June 22, 1940

Sat. A.M. 9/22

My dear Ina,

The enclosed is from Polly & her mother has a malignant cancer which requires 2 more operations. Polly seems to have more than her share of trouble.

June 22, 1940

June 22, 1940

When she came thru Chicago last Sunday A.M. Mrs. Simonson and I met her at Clyde a sub station on the RR & carried her to the airport where we ate breakfast with her.

With love,


1430 E. Greenwood Ave.
Nashville – 6/20

Dear Dr. D. & Lillian –

Arrived still in one piece, and not frothing at the mouth. Altho’ I’d just as soon do my flyin’ low.

Mother is still battling; so are we all. She has 2 more trips to surgery, and Drs. say we must build up her strength as fast as possible for that. It has been definitely determined as malignant but – while they don’t offer too much encouragement, she does have a chance. Only time can tell.

I just don’t know when I’ll be back thru, altho possibly sometime next week. I’d like to stay for next phase of operation if possible as perhaps a little more can be known then.

Her expenses are terrific, so I’m doing hospital duty during days to eliminate nurses’ services – and we’re holding all offers in abeyance until I have to go. After then except few days after surgery, p’raps she won’t have to have anyone full time.

They tell us it means 6-8 weeks in hospital at best, and after that, we’ll just have to wait for developments. They’re not too optimistic about her returning to her usual active life – but – they (medical profession) do not always know.

Let me hear if you have opportunity. You’ll be advised when I come thru you may be assured.

Thanks for everything, and best to all.