May 19, 1940

Sunday Night 5/19-40

My dear Sweetheart,

Yours of last night was received a few minutes ago. I certainly hope the Cushings are not disappointed in the prospect of an heir, and they should not think for a second that I have any feeling about their going to Menard. I am very glad they are going. I also have the feeling that we will get somewhere on the SW problem through him.

May 19, 1940

May 19, 1940

Even though Panama City is said to be mine, I just don’t have the feeling that we are going down there. I think the assignment would be pleasant work and we could get something accomplished. Yet, if I do not go there I just do not know of anyone else to do it. Of course it could continue just as it has been for the past few years. Bruce could not supervise Dr. King’s work, and I doubt if they would let him go just for Panama City. That would be one way of reducing Dallas. Also if Laake came to Wash., that would leave only Wells & Eagleson to be transferred. My suggestion would be that, but I doubt if the Bureau is ready to boost Mr. Bruce that much. The other alternative would be to get Mr. Lindquist down there & to move Stage to assist Dornier. That would not meet with Mr. B’s approval either. Annand wants me to go & get King in good grace of Strong.

Strong did not discuss the matter with me. My visit was very short, a hello & the highlights on the bran market & our purchases. He listened with very little comment. Thought it best not to discuss Florida unless he brought up the subject.

Am returning the statement for the Liberty Mutual Co. Please look in your check stubs. I am quite sure that I gave a check when I signed the application. Also, the cancelled check should be in the April lot & listed on the statement. If not, would you send one to them. Pls. look in the black folder with my name printed on it, under auto insurance, & I think you will find the policy & the receipt.

Yesterday PM (after 5 o’clock), this AM & again this PM I took some long walks and exposed myself to the sunlight. I can breathe much better tonight & I feel better. Will continue to do this. I believe that is why I felt so much better when I came home the last time.

With love,


The grape fruit, oranges & ham sound mighty good & it was nice of Mr. Gaddis to share them with us.