July 25, 1939 (Ina)

Tuesday A.M.
July 25, 1939.

Dearest Sweetheart:

It seems ages since I heard from you – what do you do with your time?

July 25, 1939 (Ina)

July 25, 1939 (Ina)

Sunday afternoon Mama, the boys, Ina Marie, and I went beyond Barksdale to see Mr. and Mrs. Fisher. They live in a tiny two-room house, away out in the brush on a little ranch road, depending upon a few sheep for a living. They seemed so happy to see us; they hadn’t seen anyone for two weeks, and haven’t been to Uvalde since March. They used to have so much. It is pathetic for people to be reduced to such circumstances in their old days. If I ever complain of any inconveniences again, spank me, will you? Mr. and Mrs. Fisher asked a great deal about you; they said tell you to come to their place to shoot squirrels next time instead of going to Reagan Wells.

Walter White and Lewis Dunbar are impatiently waiting for that letter from you.

We hope all goes well with you. We’d like to see you sometime.

Lots of love,