May 29, 1936

Friday A.M.
May 29, 1936.

Good Morning!

We have a new maid this morning and she seems to be good. She says she can cook. Once more the world seems rosy – although it really is raining today. It looked as if we might be here for some time yet and I thought it worth while to get someone. Think I’ll pack all silver except that which we use every day and put it under lock & key – just in case. However, she is recommended as being honest. Anyhow, if you will come home I think I can be with you more than I was last time.

May 29, 1936

May 29, 1936

Kenneth came home this A.M. I haven’t talked with him yet. Elton’s job is gone for good. He is getting mighty tired staying around home with nothing to do. He has no money to buy gasoline or whiskey.

We all are well. Hope you are. Shall we be seeing you soon?

Always with love.