May 10, 1932 (Letter)

Tuesday PM.

My dear Sweetheart,

I wired you that Mrs. Laake passed away at 4 AM today and that the funeral would take place tomorrow at 10 AM. The message came from the Cushings. I wired a floral spray from here – through the florist here. I am writing Mr. Laake asking him to return to Charleston with us. I imagine that Bishopp will write him about it too.

May 10, 1932 (Letter)

May 10, 1932 (Letter)

Mr. Hall is out with Dr. Hinman this evening. They went down below N.O. on a collecting trip.

The exhibits look fine and everything seems to be going OK. Dr. Shelmire came yesterday and I am to see him tonight. Tomorrow Dyer has a paper on typhus and both Kemp and Shelmire are to discuss it. Saw Dyer today, also Dr. Morsund (Dean of Baylor), Waters (artist of Baylor), Kemp, Dr. Hanson of Fla. State Board, Dr. Bassett, Health Officer of Savannah, and a lot of others whom I know. Mr. Hall seems to be enjoying it all.

The exhibits come down Friday noon. I told Mr. Laake we would come by Dallas if he cared to come but I think he would come to N.O.

I am enclosing a note rec’d from Revah.

I love you, Honey, & you too Buddy.