October 1, 1931

Thursday Night.

Oct. 1, 1931.

Dearest Sweetheart:

Your letter of Sunday night came today. I was very glad to have it. There was no letter from you yesterday.

It will be lovely if Mr. Hall’s light traps prove successful as a means of control of sandflies. I am sure you enjoyed your visit with Mr. & Mrs. Hall & David. I have been intending ever since we came to write them and others at the lab but I don’t seem to be able to think to purchase cards when I am down town.

October 1, 1931

October 1, 1931

Today when we would ask Walter White “whose boy are you?” he would answer “Daddy’s boy.” Mama taught him that. He is learning so fast. Each day I think he is as interesting as he can be, but the next day he is more so. For one thing, he doesn’t care much for little girls – especially affectionate little girls (how long will it last?) We made a mistake by asking Ina Marie to love him. She tried to and fondly called him “Baby.” He resented it and, in order to prevent its occurring again, he pushed her down every time she approached him. She is such a sweet affectionate little thing and is so crazy about him that it is a shame the way he treats her. He wouldn’t be very kind to a baby sister I’m afraid. When he looks at a magazine he calls the pictures “baby,” “man” or “boy” but seldom says “girl.” He likes the big girls, though. Every morning at 7:30 when he hears Susie coming down the back stairs he gets down from the table, rushes to the back door, opens it and has started down the steps by the time she reaches him. Then she places him between herself and her husband in the car and he goes with her to take her husband down town to work. It takes only about ten minutes, but W.W. expects it every day. Susie says she wishes he were hers. Bertie and Mr. & Mrs. Cain pay a great deal of attention to him too. If they are going down town and back quickly they sometimes carry him. He makes friends readily.

Last night I went to prayer meeting. Rev. Taylor had announced his subject as “The Menace of the Movies” and, since my husband was such a movie fan, I thought I should go. The talk was interesting and sensible.

We had a letter from Claudelle today. She is making $5.00 per month escorting a senior student who is blind to her classes from one building to another. She is trying to get other employment but says it is strange how people don’t want her to work for them. Honey, if her Bureau check comes to Charleston will you forward it to Uvalde please? In her letter today she was wondering if it had come.

It will be fine for Mr. Hall, Mr. Hull and Gilbert if they can do some school work this winter.

Last night was quite cool which reminded me that I failed to tell you where the quilts were. I do hope you thought to look in the closet in the hall because that is exactly where they are.

Please remember Walter White and me to the lab force and the Robinsons. I’ll write them all soon.

We love you, Honey, and I miss you too. I hope you sleep good.

Always, your