December 5, 1930

Friday Noon.

My dear Sweetheart,

Your letter came a few minutes ago. Am pleased to know that Buddy speaks of me, and that he is OK.

Mr. Parrish and I just returned from Mrs. Laake’s where we had lunch. She had a party last night and needed some one to help her eat the rest of the chicken salad. It was a nice lunch.

December 5, 1930

December 5, 1930

Yesterday afternoon Shelmire came out and we inoculated some guinea pigs. I went home with him for dinner. Mrs. Shelmire was sorry that she did not have you and I out there when you were here. They had a lot of company at that time. “Wo” is not as large as WW. He walks a little and tries to talk. He looks like a preacher. I am sure that we did not get our babies mixed at Baylor, that each of us got the right one.

I deposited our check here and am enclosing one for you. Please do not buy anything for me for Xmas. That extra pair of trousers will serve as a Xmas present. Mrs. Laake says that she isn’t going to mail cards this Xmas. She is on an economy program.

With love to all, I am