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April 9, 1925

Dallas, Texas,
April 9, 1925.

Dear Ina,

It seemed like old times “a year ago” to get your letter today and I enjoyed it very much. No doubt it will be only a couple of weeks before I see you, and I am anxious.

Am working on a manuscript and also doing some work on the cottage lawn and floors, so I am pretty busy just now. Hope to get through before we leave for Uvalde. The manuscript should be completed as soon as possible as it will be presented the latter part of next month and it has a number of hands to go through yet for the necessary criticism. Have been pretty much on the job ever since that work started and I believe we have a real contribution to make. Am anxious to get as much done as possible before next summer’s work starts, as there will be less credit in having assistance next summer. I am anxious to have Dr. White down there with me and I believe it will be arranged OK. In all probability we will have some one from another Bureau too, and I am not so eager for that. However, we must show the courtesy of an invitation as we are getting into another domain to some extent.

April 9, 1925

April 9, 1925

Had another letter from the little French boy a few days ago. He is a pretty prompt correspondent considering the distance.

I am in hopes that I can see more of you this summer than I did last year, and with a beginning earlier in the season, we ought to be pretty well acquainted before I leave Uvalde. It all depends on how many you are dividing your time with, and provided I can get a share of it. I hope you will be liberal enough to let me see you fairly often.

In what direction are you living from Uvalde? Are you between Regan Wells and Uvalde? I imagine we will be up there again this summer, and as far as I can tell most of the men are going to have their wives with them. This is a good reason why you should be considerate enough of me to let me see you. However, I wouldn’t want you to do this just as a matter of courtesy. Don’t let me impose on that sweet disposition of yours. We will talk it over, and see what we have to say about it.

Am glad that you are enjoying a vacation, and I hope you can come up to the Wells and spend some time with us. I think you would like Mrs. Roark and Mrs. Laake, and with a number of these ladies I think you would be properly chaperoned.

I wasn’t very nice to some of Mrs. Roark’s friends in Washington and she may not like me for it, but I wasn’t interested and I guess I was not very courteous in calling on them. I am yet of the same opinion that the girls don’t grow as pretty in any place like they do in Mississippi*. This is a comp. It would be nice if Mrs. Parman could come up to the Wells and spend a while with you up there, as I know that you two get along nicely together.

Looking forward to seeing you, I am


* Though Ina spent most of her formative years in Texas, she was born in Mississippi.