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December 14, 1939

Thursday Night – 12/14

My dear Sweetheart,

Yours of yesterday morning was received a few minutes ago and I telephoned Claudelle. We are so sorry that Lewis Dunbar has chicken pox and you are correct in keeping him at home. He should not get outside in the cold as it might develop into pneumonia. If he stays in he should have no difficulty.

The following are the best addresses I can furnish and I think they will be OK.

December 14, 1939

December 14, 1939

Skipping the names and addresses of friends to receive Christmas cards…

Had a talk with Dr. Annand & later with Mr. Rohner today on my transfer, both of which were quite favorable. Dr. Parker is expected here tomorrow & after a conference on grasshopper research I’ll be ready to go to Orlando & other Fla. stations. I’ll not have time to go to Texas stations until after Xmas, & will return from them to Denver on Jan. 11 & 12th. I am planning to come home about the 24th and will send an arrival letter or a Tourate telegram.

I’ll mail the check to Mother Dove.

I love all three of you lots and lots,


Claudelle has written to you that she is going to Uvalde first but I don’t know when.