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July 9, 1939

Stationery from the Katy Lines, “Missouri-Kansas-Texas R.R.”

Sunday En Route.

My dear Ina & Boys,

Had a good visit with the McDonalds at San Antonio and they brought me to the train last night. Mrs. Mc is going to write you and is expecting to see you at San Antonio. Mr. Mc is just getting ready for Pink Boll Worm clean up work in the valley and Mr. Dutton will report for duty soon to assist him. It will last about two months. They have about $600,000 which is about half the estimated needs. We should be able to release a number of our men & pickups to help them. Mr. Mc seemed willing to take my recommendations on any men for temporary transfer and I think the men will be glad to get work for a couple of months.

July 9, 1939

July 9, 1939

I started to spend today at Dallas but I am not enthusiastic about airplane travel. I could have left there at 8 tonight & reach Mpls about 10 tomorrow morning. By train & not stopping at Dallas today will reach Mpls 2:50 PM Monday, which is very good time. I have enjoyed the trip and I’ll feel fine on returning to Mpls.

With love,