June 30, 1924

“Written from The Menger, San Antonio”

Dear Miss Ina,

Had I taken Mr. Parman’s advice last evening I would not have left Uvalde until 5PM today. This would have made it possible for me to reach Dallas just as soon, and I probably could have seen you again this noon. I had a “hunch” that I was leaving too soon, but remembered that during the Army days in 1917 I went from here to Dallas in the afternoon. It gave me quite a while to spend here and I rather enjoyed it, but I would much rather have seen you again. But maybe it is best as it happened, for some of your friends might have had an occasion to talk about it. Not that they are different from other people, but in a town of less than 15000 population, everyone knows the affairs of everybody else.

June 30, 1924

June 30, 1924

I realize that we got pretty well acquainted in a short time, but I want you to know that I realized that the time would be short. There was no intention on my part to force myself upon you and monopolize so much of your time, but if we hadn’t gotten acquainted then it would have taken a very long time in letters, and in writing there is always a chance of being misunderstood.

I believe we understand one another pretty good, and you don’t know how glad I am. Ever since you were at Regan Wells, your smile and your eyes have “haunted” me and I had to know you better. I’d like to call you “Angel Eyes” but had better wait to see if I may. Your frankness in telling me about the ring is something that I admire, and I can assure you that I think even more of you. I know that you are not fickle minded, and that you want to be sure of yourself.

As a rule I am quite shy of the girls, and with the exception of the case I told you about, I don’t believe there is anything to tell. Certainly I would tell you if there was more to tell. In the eyes of the public there is a double standard for men and women. So many expect the girl to be as pure as a lily and at the same time know that the men sow their wild oats. I have always entertained the idea of an equal standard and have tried to live as clean a life as I would expect of a girl. You won’t know whether to believe this or not, but nevertheless it is true. I hope that you will have confidence enough to believe me, but can hardly expect you to on such a short acquaintance. The most trying place was in France, and I hope you will believe me when I tell you that I did not have a single date with a girl over there.

I have no girl friends in Dallas and it is seldom that I go any place with one. The girls I knew years ago have all been married for a long time and I haven’t met any new ones, except yourself. As long as you will write and don’t give me a “cold shoulder” I don’t care to go with anyone else. I don’t expect to find anyone with whom I have as much in common, and with whom I could be as congenial. Pardon me for writing it so soon but I want you to know.

I’ll write you from Dallas tomorrow night and I’ll be glad to hear from you anytime you care to write.

Kindest regards to your Mother, Sis and everybody and very best to yourself,

I am,

Box 208 – Dallas.