September 2, 1925

Wednesday Night.

My Dear Sweetheart,

I just received a nice long letter from you and I should write you a good one if I possibly could, but Dear, I am awfully tired and sleepy. Took the early train & spent the whole day in Jax. Was busy the whole time too. Missed the train I intended to take as KS and I ate lunch together and it was a place where they don’t serve quickly. So the rest of the afternoon was spent in mailing out reprints of the New Orleans report, like the copy I sent you. KS said that I should mail one to each of my girls and he rather expected to see one addressed to a “Miss.” I sent you the first one I received, even before I had a regular mailing envelope.

September 2, 1925

September 2, 1925

I note what you said about the wedding present, and I am mighty glad that you gave me your ideas. I want you to always be that way and then we will not have on hand some presents to be stored in the attic. You did not suggest what you wanted, I’ll think about it some more and will ask you what you think. It might be a good idea to wait until after the wedding and then let you suggest. Something given may suggest one to complete a set etc.

It is an extremely pleasant pastime to plan what we want and I certainly do get a lot of pleasure in thinking of you and that you are soon to be with me always. I’ll probably hear from Mr. BIshopp before a great while to the effect that I can either spend the whole time down there or that I should join Mr. Laake in Dallas. I hope we can come here, but either way will be a mighty happy trip if you are with me. Sweetheart, I certainly do love you.

It certainly is nice that Lucile and Claudelle are going to room together and that they are going to be so near home. It will be lonesome for Mother Lewis for a while. I guess I am calling her Mother a little soon. It certainly sounds all right to me.

I didn’t go in the surf today but the moonlight on the water looks tempting tonight. It will be just as beautiful when you are with me, and I’ll enjoy it more for there is no one else whom I want to go in with except you.

If Dr. White’s plan sticks, he will leave me a week from today.

I’m mighty sleepy, Dear, so with a real sweet “goodnight,” I am,

Yours forever & always,