June 19, 1925 (Walter 9pm)

Uvalde, Texas, Friday Nite 1925

My Dear Ina,

It is now about 9 o’clock and I have just returned from a little drive. I took myself out for a ride. Mrs. Hollifield says that I look lonesome. You have no idea how much I miss you nor how very much I would like to see you tonight. Seems like an awfully long time since I saw you, and I am wondering what I will do this summer. Your mother seems to miss you so much too. I would have gone out there again tonight but I don’t want to wear out my welcome.

June 19, 1925 (Walter 9pm)

June 19, 1925 (Walter 9pm)

I haven’t heard anything more of E. and Mrs. H., and I presume that I will not hear from either of them again. If I do, it will probably be in the nature of a “balling out.” By this time they probably realize that such a procedure does not get anything, for they have failed in the past. Mrs. H. is naturally of a domineering type and as long as I was in Aberdeen, I never crossed her. E has an idea that she can get anything she goes after, and I don’t believe there is another person in the world who would have come to Texas (without knowing where they were going) except herself. She had an idea that she would give me a surprise visit and that everything would be fixed up. Please understand that she and I “severed diplomatic relations” several months ago and that in the meantime I have not heard from her. Had three letters from her mother and I have told you about them. My answers were anything but polite, and she said they made her sick. I did not sympathize with her in either of them. She always feels so sorry for herself. I wonder what she will tell her friends in Aberdeen as they will ask about me, but I’ll not let this worry me. Most of them know her as well as myself.

I guess this is enough of my experiences. I wanted you to know and I feel better when I have told you. Please don’t let any of it worry you, for I love you more than I can tell you and nothing will come between us. I am mighty glad that we understand each other and that it is possible for me to see you again after this happened. I am sure that you will feel all right about it when you know all about it. If it is not clear in a letter, I can tell you when you return. Remember that I love you and only you and that nothing will come between us if I can have anything to do to prevent it.

With a real sweet goodnight and assuring you that I am real anxious to see you again, I am, with all my love, Dear,


P.S. As you leave there Monday AM I would not have time to get another letter to you.