June 16, 1925

Stationery from the Uvalde Hotel, “Mrs. R. C. Hollifield, Proprietress.”

Uvalde, Texas, Monday Nite 6/16 1925

My Dear Ina,

Am sorry that I did not see you again before we left Kerrville, but I dreaded to say good-bye even for a period of less than a week. Mervin and I left Kerrville about 9:30 this morning, both of us having slept until 8 o’clock. At that time you were probably attending classes. I wanted to be able to tell your mother than you slept good last night, but I didn’t want to say “good-bye.” We arrived here at 5:30 and did not have a puncture or trouble of any kind.

June 16, 1925

June 16, 1925

After dinner tonight I drove out to your house and I have just returned from out there. Your mother misses both of you and it will be a long week for her too. Thelma Lee and Retha met me at the gate and informed me that both yourself and Claudelle were at Kerrville. They are spending the night out there and were almost asleep when I left there at 9:15 (quite an early hour for me to leave your house, isn’t it?) Some time during the week I am going to take them out to spend another night with your mother. We didn’t set a time but I am sure that your sister will let them go. I think I told your mother the details of the trip and about the camp. I wish I felt sure that you are comfortable and that you are really enjoying it. The first day is the most difficult, and before the week is over I am sure that you will like it. Your mother hopes that Claudelle’s appetite will improve. I hope it will not rain while you are there (no connection with appetite).

Mervin and I returned via San Antonio and while it is about 50 miles further, I believe I would rather go that way and enjoy the good roads. It would be easier on your car and your good disposition. But of course I know that you will return with the crowd. I wish I could come up and be with you on the way back, but I can’t plan it and be sure that I could come. It is quite likely that next Monday will be a busy day for us here.

Mervin had a good time last night and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. He took the Ford and a couple of boy friends to a dance and says he “petted” all the girls there.

Mr. Pettit and I visited at the hotel until about 10:30 and then he returned to Legion by himself. I was surprised to find him getting along so nicely and that he felt so cheerful over his condition. He has had no trace of TB for several months, but has been fighting a kidney trouble. No doubt it is about the same as that of Mrs. Parmans. I told him that there was a possibility that I’d see him again about Sunday, but I doubt if I can arrange to come up then. It is quite likely that he will come out to the Conference sometime during the week and visit with you some more. When in Dallas he was quite a lady’s man.

I am sorry, Dear, that I left you so abruptly and I feel that I might have added something to make it more comfortable for you up there, but I can’t figure out what it would be.

I am going to take this to the bus station and see if it can be posted in San Antonio tonight, otherwise it would probably be here until sometime tomorrow before leaving.

With love to Claudelle (sisterly) and wishing to be remembered to others in the party, I am,


Box 509
Uvalde, Tex.

The letter was addressed to Ina “3 miles North of Kerrville, Texas, c/o Rev. Campbell, Methodist Conference.” She was apparently there for some sort of training, probably related to her Sunday School teaching credentials.