July 20, 1953

This letter and the next one from J.D. Stampley are written in a shaky hand with frequent misspellings, so they’re hard to read. I’m transcribing what I can make out, correcting spelling but not grammar. This appears to be the start of a rather unpleasant disagreement in the family.

Bemis Tenn.
July 20, 1953

Dear Walter

Many thanks to you & Ethel for 25.00 check. Ethel & Marshal were here yesterday a few minutes. She brought me a table cloth, said it was her Mama’s. I do appreciate it so much.

July 20, 1953

July 20, 1953

Now, about the will to me it don’t make sense you stated I wasn’t mentioned. Your mother said I was. She has also told Enola & Mary & Ida that I was mentioned in the will in 1946. She told me I would share alike as you & Revah & Ethel. Now if you affirm your statement is right by same token you confess your Mother’s statements were wrong, then that leaves your Deceased Mother under the curse of Lying. Bible says all liars will have their part in the lake of Fire. I can’t believe she lied, & about 3 months ago Senie wrote Ida & said she didn’t want me to suffer & if [illegible] thing for her to get it & send her the bill. In 1939 she got on me about church work & I told her I had no way of getting there. She remarked if she bought me a car she would change her papers & show the cost. I thought it too much trouble so we didn’t get the car. Senie has always proved she loved me, and I can’t somehow believe she has thrown me away like you said.

May I have your reply as to what you desire to do.

Thanking you for your reply.

Love to all
J.D. Stampley
P.O. Box 792 Bemis, Tenn.