February 6, 1940

Stationery from the Sunset Limited, Southern Pacific Railroad.

Tues Nite – En Route to Yuma.

My dear Ina & Boys,

I had a most pleasant day at El Paso with the Pettits and tonight the Trotters came to the train with me. Dinner at the Pettits’ tonight, chicken & all of the trimmings. Visited the irrigation plant this AM & this PM we drove on the River Road above the city.

February 6, 1940

February 6, 1940

Yesterday I had a good day at Amarillo. Attended the USDA Club luncheon at noon where about 250 were present. Was introduced to the club from the speakers table but was not called on for a speech. The weather was hazy & not good for flying so did not go up in the auto-giro or Cub plane but I did visit the storage & shop. Spreirs had me to dinner lats night (steak & all the trimmings including apple pie). Landrum took me out to his house to meet the Mrs & the new baby who is about 3 weeks old. Mrs. Landrum is still in bed & weak but baby has good lungs and a strong vocal apparatus. At both places I was entertained and all seemed very glad to see me. The trouble is that they want to transfer to me. Miss Anderson & I had a cup of coffee Monday afternoon & she wants to go to Menard or Uvalde too. I told her about Polly’s wish & that it looked like Miss Autrey would continue.

Wednesday I’ll be with Mr. Rainwater at Yuma & I expect to see Mr. Schroeder there too. I should be able to see Frank about Friday & Lindquist Saturday. Think I’ll try & call on Prof Harris at Berkeley & also visit the University Exp. Sta. at Davis for a little while.

On my return from Portland I want to stop at Hamilton to see the new Public Health Lab & to see what they are doing. I should get some ideas on construction of the lab at Uvalde. Also I hope to spend a little while at Fargo before reaching Mpls. I know that all of this seems a delay in our moving from Mpls but it is all important.

John thinks that things are moving rather slowly in Denver & that the general supervisors (now called field supervisors) should sit in on the state conferences with Wakeland, RA, Mr. Holton & Mr. Dutton. It seems Messenger is with Townsend at Denver & others are in the field.

With love to all three of you,