December 10, 1939

Sunday Night
Dec 10, 1939

My dear Sweetheart,

Saturday PM Mr. Gaddis took Claudelle and I to lunch, to visit his house which is being remodeled and enlarged, and then to dinner. We had another invitation from the Bishopps Saturday night so we went out there, and again we got back about 2 AM Sunday. The Bishopps brought us back to town. Mrs. B. was so dog goned mean in her manners last week at the office that I am considering the party last Saturday as a sort of a peace offering. Although the Bs appear most cordial in every other way, I know that they resent deeply my being returned to the project. I will be in the status of investigating his project until my assignment is determined, also I may be considered as serving in Cushing’s place. Both of these give me right of way to discuss things with the chief’s office.

December 10, 1939

December 10, 1939

Gaddis has been very fine indeed to me and I am sure that he feels that we can be of mutual help in the future. He seems to be in good grace in the Chief’s office again, but he was in the dog house this season.

I expect to visit some of B’s workers at Beltsville & at Martha’s Vineyard this week, also review Dr. Back’s work & others in the office. I have annual reports for the past five years and quarterly reports for all stations for 1939, also budgets for the past three years. I’ll probably leave here about Saturday night, after seeing Dr. Parker & Wakeland, and go to Orlando to meet King. Think I’ll ask Bradley to meet me there, drive me to Ft. Pierce, New Smyrna, & Gainesville. Then get Brody to come to Gainesville and drive me to Panama City. From there I want to go to Dallas and Menard & get to Minneapolis by Xmas. Claudelle is planning to leave about Saturday & I am pretty sure she will come to Mpls & will try to make Uvalde by Xmas. Laake is in the hospital with a hernia & it may be an operation like Dr. Drakes.

My check for salary on Dec. 1 also two small expense checks should be at the office. I’ll have to endorse them for deposit. Would you mind telephoning Miss Beckwall and ask her to mail them to me care Mr. Gaddis. I’ll cash the small ones & return the salary check to you for deposit. The check for Dec. 15 could be sent to you from the office if you will tell her for me.

With all my love,