March 11, 1936 (Ina)

Wednesday A.M.
March 11, 1936.

Is your overcoat heavy enough?

Dearest Sweetheart:

Congratulations and more congratulations! Quite a come-back you’ve made. I’m anxious to know the particulars. I telephoned John and he was elated; so much so, in fact, that he said he was going to wire the news to Frank immediately in a personal telegram. When I questioned the wisdom of it he said he was sure there would be no harm in a personal telegram. He knew R.A. and Frank would be very much interested he said. Of course I’m wondering where your headquarters will be etc. etc.

March 11, 1936 (Ina)

March 11, 1936 (Ina)

Yesterday afternoon Sara and two other ladies were here. She said Dr. Atchley failed his physical examination in the same way that he had done previously. I think the doctor took him through the book. However, he did have the kindness to write a nice letter in which he said he thought this handicap would not interfere with Dr. Atchley’s being able to do his work well. However, I think Dr. A. has given up hope. I’m sorry.

Monday afternoon I carried Walter White to Dr. Lang. He examined his ears and said the tubes were stopped up. As a result of his cold his adenoids are swollen, obstructing the tubes so that he is hard of hearing. He prescribed some nose drops and said they should correct the condition in a few days. He said a great many people were having the same trouble this winter. I see no improvement yet but I’m sure there will be soon. He is the first doctor who has said W.W.’s tonsils and adenoids should be removed. He says it should be done this summer as they are bad. I think you and I agree with each other on such operations though. W.W. is feeling fine, is in school and is so full of pep that a rainy day like yesterday is just too bad. I’m thankful for today’s sunshine so he can play outside.

I think Lewis Dunbar has a little fever today but is at least 50% better than he was yesterday. He wouldn’t sleep anywhere then except on my lap.

Laura came this A.M. but was almost too weak to walk so she went with me after Mazie [?]. Laura thinks she will be able to work again by Sunday.

Please give my love to the Cushings and the Halls.

Lots of love to you.

Always, your

P.S. About half of this letter sounds like a recitation of grief. I don’t mean it that way. I just thought you would be interested. Love, Ina.