May 23, 1932 (from Mrs. Geary)

I think Lucile Geary was Anna Laake’s sister.

Dallas, Texas
May 23, 1932

Dear Mrs. Dove,

Your letter came this A.M. and thanks for remembering me & I did not write before now because I knew that you would understand and did not expect it, however I did make several attempts to write to you while at the sanitarium. I wanted so much to thank you for the beautiful flowers, which she really did see during one of her few conscious moments, but it was impossible for me to do anything but just sit there and see her suffer, which was almost more than I could stand. That is the only thing that helps to give her up was the thought that she was through suffering.

May 23, 1932 (from Mrs. Geary)

May 23, 1932 (from Mrs. Geary)

Ernest was wonderful in every way; he spared nothing for her comfort & had everything in his power done for Anna, besides he never left her only when necessary. He stayed when I thought he would drop, you know he isn’t well. The same trouble seems to be giving him more pain & he lost 10 lbs.

Mrs. Dove, this letter seems to have no connection but I know you will over look it because I’m heartbroken & I know I will miss her more every day.

Ernest said that he had had several sweet letters from you & Mr. Dove & the flowers you sent for the funeral also some that were delivered afterward were all a consolation coming from you who loved her & share our grief & loss. Anna loved you dearly I have heard her say so many times. I wish that I could see the baby. Thanks again & love

Lucile Geary.